Industry Insights

If you want to live your dream with an encore career you are most likely exploring what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Once you find the right opportunity, funding it becomes the next hurdle. Besides small business loans, home equity loans and using your personal savings, there is another option.Read more..

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20—Franchise small businesses will once again grow at rates that exceed non-franchise business growth in 2016, according to the Franchise Business Outlook: 2016 released today by the International Franchise Association. Read more..

Imagine having an opportunity to join in on the idea of a new franchise concept that explodes in your area with dozens of new units opening up. Then consider having control of this concept and receiving royalties and franchise fees on a consistent basis. Read more..

Home care and home health care are often mistaken for one another, but are in fact distinctly different in the types of services provided and how they are paid for by clients or patients. Read more..

Starting and running a small business can be extremely rewarding, but the venture is not without its set of challenges. If you are in the process of launching an entrepreneurial venture or are facing a few obstacles with an existing business, Read more..

The following is a list of publications to utilize in your business search as they provide useful insight into the franchise industry. Read more..